Sula dePaula is the creator of A Touch of Consciousness.

Dedicated to inspire people to move beyond the past. Offering tools to clear sabotaging beliefs and any imprint from childhood, ancestors or past lives. Facilitating people in choosing peace, aliveness, and higher vibrational frequencies. 


Sula combines twenty years of experience with numerous body/mind/spirit healing techniques to provide the client with exactly what is needed for change. While empowering her client to ignite their own knowing Sula focuses on increasing the client's ability to have more awareness and expansion without judgment.

​Sula dePaula lives in Delray Beach Florida where she teaches classes and guides therapeutic sessions. Sula's latest adventure was creating and instituting a Holistic Program for Mandala Healing Center in Palm Beach. She works as Intuitive Breathing Teacher (Breath Coach), Seminar Leader and Access Bars™ Facilitator. Sula also created the popular Breathwork Meditation CD called A Breath of Consciousness.


Sula's approach to healing is soulful and holistic. It is not Clinical Therapy and does not replace medical care.

Online Sessions available!


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Sula DePaula 

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