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Underneath the thoughts that creates fear, worry and apprehension is a deep sense of  feeling unsafe. Feeling unsafe in the body and in the mind comes from deep in the subconscious and for various different reasons. Symptoms may be as simple as ruminating thoughts to serious insomnia and panic attacks. Breathworks establishes safety within the mind and slowing anxiety causing thoughts to emerge to the conscious mind providing an opportunity for release and healing of the mind and body.


Depression is a collection of negative thoughts about the world, situations and about one self. Most of these thoughts are hidden yet creating debilitating emotional states. Judgments, decisions and conclusions we have made can be in the conscious mind or hidden in the subconscious , in either case it is still affecting our lives and how we react to life.  Breathworks creates a space for identification of thoughts and patterns and the purification of the emotional charge attached to them. Once emotional charge is released an expanded awareness is available for great changes to be chosen.


"Relationships are our primary teacher. They are the context in which we either grow into the consciousness of God, or deny ourselves and others the opportunity to do so."  (A Course in Miracles)

Through a series of Breathwork Sessions it can reveal what we call Pre-Natal and Birth Script that imprinted patterns ( beliefs, behaviors and emotional imprints) that are influencing relationships dynamics. Its a liberating, fascinating and life enhancing experience!


Got Physical stress, emotional stress, mental stress?  All stress blocks out healing and creativity. Breathworks tools and techniques brings the body back to Homeostasis. Homeostasis can be defined as a state of equilibrium or balance in the physical body. Feeling calm, supported, and relaxed is the baseline for developing loving relationships, creative capacities that leads to a fulfilling life.


All trauma effects our nervous system in insidious ways. It effects our memory, our creativity, our ability to focus, our ability to love, it can destroy our zest for living. All trauma is recorded in the body. The form of trauma does not matter. Birth trauma, school trauma, religious trauma, relationship trauma, hospital trauma, etc.  Breathwork therapy is somatic work,  facilitating the healing of the mind through the body. Healing trauma takes time. It takes commitment, perseverance and finding the right facilitator for you.

Inner Child

Most of us didn’t get all of our needs met as a child. Breathworks provides an opportunity for a new imprint of being heard, acknowledged and supported. 

The inner child is waiting patiently for the adult mind to offer what is searching or demanding of others.

Basic human needs: to be heard, loved and valued.



-Jim M. 

I've been treated by Sula for almost 10 years now and can't recommend her services enough. She is that rare combination of light mystic and earth goddess. She cares deeply about her clients and has been central to several of the most profound transformations of my life and many of my friends.